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Around 9 years ago my son was diagnosed with autism. That year I attended the McClean family reunion and to my surprise not one of my cousins mentioned a word to me about him. Come to find out, no one knew.

I started working on the Catch-Up game right after that.

This game was created with the intent of helping us to have a deeper awareness of other people’s lives. It is a networking of sorts. It allows us to catch up with each other, when time and distance separate us.

This game asks questions for you in a way that doesn’t seem nosy or intrusive. There are no winners or losers, just good times and bonding! The game can be as outrageous or as serious as you make it!

This game gets personal.

If you’re honest and you listen, in addition to having a great time, you may come away with a deeper understanding of the players’ lives and they, you.  What could be more simple?

After all ... it is just a game ...

- Chris Budde